Preparing the Class of 2025 for the Job Market: Is Education a Waste of Money or a Wise Investment?

The Canadian Museum of Nature and the Canada Science and Technology Museum hold monthly Café scientifique discussions from September to May.

Here’s the info I found on the What’s On calendar at

Our Café scientifiques provides a forum where adults can explore current issues relating to science, technology and the environment. These stimulating discussions take place in a relaxed atmosphere where all opinions are welcome. Guest experts are on hand to get the discussion rolling.

Tuesday, January 26: 6:00 p.m.

Location: Fox and Feather Pub, 283 Elgin Street, Ottawa.

With the ever rapid emergence of new technologies, is it possible to fully prepare students for the constantly changing job market of the future? Are universities serving their students well by focusing on ‘liberal education,’ or will future workers lack the specific skills and knowledge that the global economy demands? In a highly competitive job market, is the pursuit of higher education a matter of principle or paycheque? Is higher education a waste of time and money, or an investment in a brighter future?

Invited guests:
Azmina Somani, Technical lead in Research and Development at JDS Uniphase
Erin Mills, Senior Research Analyst at the Canadian Council on Learning


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