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I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living…

If you know how to finish this line, you’re probably as big a fan of Robert Munsch as I am.

Robert Munsch,

Munsch reading a story. Photo from http://www.robertmunsch.com/bobspic

While I normally like to write about museums in my region (the National Capital region, or Ottawa, to be precise), I found out about this traveling exhibit and I only wish we had an appropriate museum in the city that would bring it here.

Right now, the Royal Alberta Museum is hosting Much More Munsch, an exhibit celebrating the life, stories, and characters of the well known and loved American author. Here are some excerpts from a press release that was sent out in September by the museum:

Did you know that Robert Munsch…

  • has published more than 50 books?
  • comes from a family of nine kids?
  • almost flunked out of secondary school?
  • studied for seven years to be a Jesuit priest before deciding to become an author?
  • replies to all his fan mail in the form of poetry?
  • does class visits for free, but you never know when or if he is coming?
  • tells a story over and over for years before he even writes it down?
  • has sold more books than any other Canadian author?

The London Regional Children’s Museum says the exhibit opens June 30th, but it also says it’s the “world premiere”, which I presume would mean the exhibit has already come and gone.

So, after all of this…. I’m not sure where the exhibit is going next.

If you DO know, feel free to leave some details in the comments below! I would love to see it, and would take every kid I know to go read or listen to stories and poems, and celebrate Robert Munsch the way he deserves to be celebrated.